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Hello friends! Happy new year! I made the decision to have a quiet, peaceful start to the new year. I took a break from my laptop and my phone, from all the noise and it was much needed. I always feel like the creative part of my mind actually thrives on silence. When you're constantly bombarded with what everyone else is doing and liking it's hard to really see your own vision, your own truth. 

So instead our family spent a lot of time outside, despite the cold. We went on walks, we lazed around by the fire, we cooked and ate together and the evenings I have been spending journaling and reading. Getting back to good old pen and paper journaling was the one new year's resolution I made this year. It's felt wonderful to pour my heart out every evening free from the fear of judgement or prying eyes. I also feel so much more ready for sleep after writing out my thoughts instead of staring into the bright screen of my phone until I doze off. 

I've also spent some time re-examining my vision for Valya Kids and where I want this shop to go this year. It's always been so important for me to bring you clothes that are well-made, long lasting, versatile and beautiful. More and more our family is moving towards a more sustainable lifestyle and as we do so we discover that we truly need less and less. I'm noticing what clothing I reach for again and again with the kids as well as what type of clothing they prefer. And I want to bring you more of that. Our thermals were an item that my kids have worn almost every day this autumn and winter and I want to create more items like that - the workhorses of the wardrobe. 

This is also to say that I'm going to be stepping out of the fashion rat race for a little bit to focus on brining you something truly wonderful. We will have a small spring offering but most likely not until after Valentine's day. I'll be updating you as to where we're heading and when you can expect our spring line. In the meantime we've built a lovely little community in our facebook group (Valya Kids & Friends) and I'm sharing more bits and pieces of our days there. We would love for you to join us! 

Thank you so much for being a part of our community and for your continued support of our little shop! We value all of you so very much and here's to a fantastic and exciting new year! 



January 14, 2018 by Tatiana Mikhailovna
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