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Bitterly cold weather and the occasional snow dusting has kept us cooped up for the most part of the new year. To say we've been going stir crazy would be an understatement. But there is an upside to all this indoor time - we've been reading a lot more. We start our day with reading, read for school and then read more before bed. The kids got quite a few new books for Christmas and I added to our collection for the start of our second semester of school. But there are a handful of favorites that we go back to time and time again. I thought I would share them here in case you are looking for something to add to your child's library.

The Mitten by Jan Brett - this is a sweet Ukrainian folktale with gorgeous illustrations. It's simple, funny and great for kids of all ages. 

The Wolf, the Duck & the Mouse by Mac Barnett - it's a story about a duck and a mouse that get eaten by a wolf. It's meant to be funny and a little bit of a riddle. My five year old really enjoys it and "gets it." Warning - there is a mention of guns. 

Home by Carson Ellis - this is a beautifully illustrated book about the different kinds of homes that people live in - imaginary and real. It's a quick read but my kids always pause me to oogle the illustrations. 

Last Stop on Market Street by Matt de la Pena - this is a wonderful story about a little boy and his grandma and how she teaches him to see beauty everywhere. Very heartwarming and one that my youngest begs me to read almost every day!

Apple for Little Fox by Ekaterina Trukhan - this is a sweet little detective mystery and my kids know the whole book by heart. It's short, colorful and very fun for kids of all ages. 

Mice Skating by Annie Silvestro - here's what amazon writes: "With intricately detailed illustrations as cozy as a fireplace in December (and a cup of cocoa, too), this funny punny warmhearted love song to winter—and to one brave, bold, and generous mouse—will have kids bundling up for some cold-weather fun of their own." An instant favorite!

February 19, 2018 by Tatiana Mikhailovna

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